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Friday, 27 June 2014

the suspicious/strange housekeeper

*please note that I've watch this show after writing the 2013 review thus this show isn't included.*


Choi Ji Woo as Park Bo Nyeo//Park Eun Soo
And tadaaa we have our title character, she is a housekeeper that never ever smiles, is good at everything from studies to cooking and she will do anything requested, even killing oops. While Park Bo Nyeo spends most of time looking like a robot, Choi Ji Woo did a fantastic job in adding feelings to the emotionless Bo Nyeo, she can easily show her feelings from happiness to sadness with the same Park Bo Nyeo stone face which i am really impressed and so she definitely earns her status as an A lister star since her Winter Sonata days although it has been so many years. Park Bo Nyeo has gone through deep pain after the lost of her husband and son which was killed by a man whom loved her till the point it was an unhealthy obsession, her mother in law assumed that she killed them and told her to never smile again and so she never did and lived her life as an emotional robot until she met this family that slowly openedfamily drama up her ice cold heart and make her smile again.

Kang Ji Woo as Eun Hye Gyul
She was so freakin cute urgh. Hye Gyul is the youngest of the family which she is still rather native and innocent as she is only 7, she loves Bo Nyeo and she is also the main person that opened Bo Nyeo,s heart. Despite her young age, Kang Ji Woo did an excellent job, am i the only one that find all (or at least those i've watched) child stars doing a super good job, some even better than adults ok.

Kim So Hyun as Eun Han Gyul
Eun Han Gyul kinda reminds me of young version of Lee Bo Young's character in I Hear Your Voice haha due to her sassyness and bravery ( Coincidentally, Kim So Hyun also portrayed the young version of that character haha ). Han Gyul is the oldest of the family, she is brave, smart and a little reckless. Kim So Hyun as usual did a good job, she is my favorite child actress eversince her performance in I Miss You.

Wang Ji Hye as Yoon Song Hwa
While i was expecting her to be the usual super bitchy shameless second lead, she till some extend is still all of that as she is the one the father got an affair with and caused the suicide of the children's mother BUT as the story goes on, she changes and ends up being a completely different women than what she was before. I only saw Wang Ji Hye in Protect The Boss which i couldn't finish due to the plot, she did a good job here as Song Hwa but nothing fantastic to say about though.

Song Jong Ho as Jang Do Hyung / Seo Ji Hoon
He is the one that killed Bok Nyeo's family but came back into her life with another identity but same motive, to get her to be his. It's kinda weird seeing Song Jong Ho as an evil guy since i last saw him as the loving brother in Reply me 1997 but well, he did an ok job, he scares me a little with his glaring haha.

Lee Sung Jae as Eun Sang Chul
Upon seeing Lee Sung Jae, evil instantly came into my mind because of seeing him as the mega annoying bad guy in Gu Family Book but now nope, he acts as the dad that caused the mother's suicide due to his affair and also having to live in korea while his family are overseas for many years, he drifted a lot from his children. This caused him to panic as he suddenly has to take care of four kids and i have to admit, he is a horrible father but as the story goes along, he changes and grows closer to his kids. I like how the drama shows his growth and how he develops into a great father, Lee Sung Jae did a pretty decent job, nothing fantastic but still great.

  • Title: 수상한 가정부 / Soosanghan Gajungboo
  • Also known as: The Suspicious Housekeeper
  • Previously known as: 가정부 박복녀 / Gijungboo Bakboknyeo (Housekeeper Park Bok Nyeo)
  • Genre: Family, mystery, melodrama, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-23 to 2013-Nov-26
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
  • Original Soundtrack: The Strange Housekeeper OST
  • Related TV shows: Kaseifu no Mita (NTV, 2011)


A drama about a housekeeper Park Bok Nyeo, who gets hired to work for a family which has just lost its mother, leaving just the father and four children. But, she's strange. She is unsociable housekeeper who is perfect in what she does around the house but doesn't smile or show her feelings due to her mysterious past. Bok Nyeo will help the family healing process and rebuild their bonds.

Personal Comments: Heart warming show that made me captivated throughout 20 episodes, it was a fun journey watching this show but it still has its flaws though. I love every single one of the character, but i am actually too lazy to write about all the characters here because it's really too many haha. A word of warning to those that can't survive a drama without love (i know there are some people that are like that ok haha), this shows have barely any love between any of the characters except for Kim So Hyun's first love, so if you are expecting anything more than nope haha. I love drama without the theme of love once in a while as korean dramas are known for having love as the major theme in almost every drama so this actually made me happy to just watch a drama with a theme of family. 

^ ps this was pretty much the only time Bok Nyeo have any facial expression haha 
Personal Ratings: 9.5/10
How much it deserves: 9.5/10

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